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2019 Madison Funds Tax Information


Madison Funds IRS 1099 tax information is available online and tax forms mailed to shareholders on January 20, 2020.  
You can view your 2019 tax information by accessing your account via Account Access. After signing in, you will find the “View Tax” option in the fund-level drop down menu on the “Shareholder Portfolio” page. This option will only display for funds that had taxable events.  Note: The IRS does not require your mutual fund tax form to accompany your tax return.

Helpful Reminders 

  • You will not receive a Form 1099-DIV if you have taxable ordinary dividends for any fund totaling $10 or less. You must still include these dividends on your income tax return. The dividends are shown in the "Income and Capital Gains Summary" section of your 2019 year-end investor statement.
  • IRS Form 5498 and 5498-ESA (which reports the Fair Market Value of contributions made to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) through July 15, 2020 for the 2019 tax year) will be mailed by August 31, 2020. As of December 31, 2019, the Fair Market Value of these accounts was noted on your year-end investor statement. 
  • Madison Funds has prepared tax inserts that may accompany your tax forms:
  1. Information for Form 1099-DIV.
  2. Additional Information for Form 1099-DIV Tax-Free National and Tax-Free Virginia Funds.
  • You can download your tax information from your Madison Funds account into TurboTax® and H&R Block® Tax Software once the information is released.  You can quickly import your fund-related information from three tax forms: 1099-DIV, 1099-B and 1099-R.  Simply follow the instructions provided with your tax software product. 
Feel free to contact your financial advisor or Shareholder Services at 1-800-877-6089 if you have any questions regarding your Madison Funds account.

Capital Gain Distributions

Throughout the year, mutual funds realize gains and losses from selling securities held in their portfolios. Mutual funds are required to distribute the net realized gains from these sales to shareholders each year. Below are the capital gains paid by the Madison Funds in 2019.

  Capital Gains Per Share ($)
  Short-Term Long-Term
Madison Aggressive Allocation Fund  None  $0.48124208
Madison Conservative Allocation Fund  None  $0.21337250
Madison Core Bond Fund  $0.01880580 None
Madison Corporate Bond Fund  None None
Madison Covered Call & Equity Fund   $0.15588141 None
Madison Diversified Income Fund  None  $0.79824944
Madison Dividend Income Fund  None  $0.68680602
Madison Government Money Market Fund  None None
Madison High Income Fund  None None
Madison High Quality Bond Fund  None None
Madison International Stock Fund  None  $0.68253280
Madison Investors Fund  $0.02666523  $1.27535061
Madison Large Cap Value Fund  None  $0.36251934
Madison Mid Cap Fund  None  $0.43235645
Madison Moderate Allocation Fund  None  $0.28792080
Madison Small Cap Fund  None  $0.44408362
Madison Tax-Free National Fund $0.00306207  $0.03136525
Madison Tax-Free Virginia Fund  None None

The actual distribution amounts are based on gains and losses realized by the funds through October 31. 

Distribution of Ordinary Income Dividends

When mutual funds earn interest or dividends from securities held in their portfolios, it subtracts fund expenses and passes this “ordinary income” on to shareholders. Shareholders are notified on Form 1099-DIV (mailed in late January) of the actual amounts of any capital gains or ordinary income dividend distributions.

2020 Distribution Calendar

The distribution schedule for year-end ordinary income dividends and capital gains for the Madison Funds is noted below. Click here to view our printer-friendly version. 
Funds Distribution Frequency Declaration Date Record
Payable Date
  • Core Bond Fund: 
         Class A (MBOAX; 110), 
         Class B (MBOBX; 210),
         Class Y (MBOYX; 6610), 
         Class R6 (MCBRX; 718)
  • Corporate Bond Fund: 
         Class Y (COINX; 6406)
  • Diversified Income Fund: 
         Class A (MBLAX; 111), 
         Class B (MBLNX; 211),
         Class C (MBLCX; 511)
  • High Income Fund:
         Class A (MHNAX; 112),
         Class B (MHNBX; 212),
         Class Y (MHNYX; 6612)
  • Tax-Free National Fund
         Class Y (GTFHX; 6397)
  • Tax-Free Virginia Fund
         Class Y (GTVAX; 6394)
Monthly 01/29/2020 01/30/2020 01/31/2020 Income
02/26/2020 02/27/2020 02/28/2020 Income
03/27/2020 03/30/2020 03/31/2020 Income
04/28/2020 04/29/2020 04/30/2020 Income
05/27/2020 05/28/2020 05/29/2020 Income
06/26/2020 06/29/2020 06/30/2020 Income
07/29/2020 07/30/2020 07/31/2020 Income
08/27/2020 08/28/2020 08/31/2020 Income
09/28/2020 09/29/2020 09/30/2020 Income
10/28/2020 10/29/2020 10/30/2020 Income
11/25/2020 11/27/2020 11/30/2020 Income
12/21/2020 12/22/2020 12/23/2020 Income & Cap Gains
  • Covered Call & Equity Income Fund: 
         Class A (MENAX; 1155),
         Class C (MENCX; 555),
         Class Y (MENYX; 6655),
         Class R6 (MENRX; 755)
  • Dividend Income Fund:
         Class Y (BHBFX; 6401)
  • High Quality Bond Fund:
         Class Y (MIIBX; 6391)
Quarterly 03/27/2020 03/30/2020 03/31/2020 Income
06/26/2020 06/29/2020 06/30/2020 Income
09/28/2020 09/29/2020 09/30/2020 Income
12/21/2020 12/22/2020 12/23/2020 Income & Cap Gains
  • Conservative Allocation Fund: 
         Class A (MCNAX; 165),
         Class B (MCNBX; 265),
         Class C (MCOCX; 565)
Quarterly 03/27/2020 03/30/2020 03/31/2020 Income
06/26/2020 06/29/2020 06/30/2020 Income
09/28/2020 09/29/2020 09/30/2020 Income
12/28/2020 12/29/2020 12/30/2020 Income & Cap Gains
  • International Stock Fund: 
         Class A (MINAX; 122),
         Class B (MINBX; 222),
         Class Y (MINYX; 6622)
  • Investors Fund:
         Class A (MNVAX; 199), 
         Class Y (MINVX; 6399),
         Class R6 (MNVRX; 796)
  • Large Cap Value Fund: 
         Class A (MGWAX; 120), 
         Class B (MGWBX; 220),
         Class Y (MYLVX; 6620)
  • Mid Cap Fund:
         Class A (MERAX; 123), 
         Class B (MERBX; 223),
         Class Y (GTSGX; 6623), 
         Class R6 (MMCRX; 723)
  • Small Cap Fund: 
         Class A (MASMX; 124), 
         Class Y (BVAOX; 6624)
Annual 12/23/2020 12/24/2020 12/28/2020 Income & Cap Gains
  • Aggressive Allocation Fund:
         Class A (MAGSX; 167),
         Class B (MAGBX; 267),
         Class C (MAACX; 567)
  • Moderate Allocation Fund:
         Class A (MMDAX; 166),
         Class B (MMDRX; 266),
         Class C (MMDCX; 566)
Annual 12/28/2020 12/29/2020 12/30/2020 Income & Cap Gains
Fund Distribution Frequency Declaration Date Ex/Record
Payable Date
  • Government Money Market Fund: 
    Class A (MFAXX; 1101),
    Class B (MFBXX; 1201)
Monthly  Daily Daily 01/31/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 02/28/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 03/31/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 04/30/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 05/29/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 06/30/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 07/31/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 08/31/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 09/30/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 10/30/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 11/30/2020 Income
 Daily Daily 12/31/2020 Income & Cap Gains

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Form 8937 – Broadview merger into Small Cap Fund​