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On July 31, 2015, the Board of Trustees of the Madison Government Bond Fund, determined that it is in the best interest of the fund and its shareholders to liquidate the fund.
This supplement dated August 7, 2015, to the Prospectus dated February 28, 2015, provides notice of the fund's liquidation on or about October 15, 2015. 

Fund Objective

The fund seeks to obtain the highest total investment return possible within its quality and maturity boundaries.

Investment Strategies

The Madison Government Bond Fund provides investors with monthly dividends by investing in bonds and other securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. Government. The fund will hold bonds of various duration, with an eye on both current yield and total return over time. The result is a fund designed for investors who seek regular income from investments that have the added security provided by government debt. The fund’s investment approach revolves around the belief that it is possible to achieve consistent investment returns with minimal portfolio risk. This means having convictions, and more importantly, the courage to act on them. 

The fund concentrates on the intermediate portion of the yield curve with a recognition that historically the ten-year treasury bond has offered approximately 90% of the return of a 30-year treasury bond with less risk. Government backing applies to timely repayment of principal and interest and not to shares of the fund.

Key Highlights

(as of Wednesday May 25, 2022)
  Class Y
Daily Price 0.00
Ticker Symbol
Inception Date 7/21/83
Expense Ratio 0.00

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Portfolio Management

Paul Lefurgey, CFA

Chris Nisbet, CFA

Portfolio Highlights

Top Ten Fund Holdings
(as of December 31, 1969)
% of Fund in Top Ten Securities0.0%

Net Assets (as of 06/30/15) $3.8 Million
Turnover (as of 10/31/14) 24%

Complete Holdings List
Mutual funds invested in bonds are subject to certain risks including interest rate risk and inflation risk.  As interest rates rise, the prices of bonds fall. Long-term bonds are more exposed to interest rate risk than short-term bonds. Please see prospectus for further details.